Thursday, May 29, 2008

Be it Moon or Sun

The rules I must obey, thus far, are as follow:

1. I must address Master as "Master" at all times, unless in the presence of others.
2. My cunt belongs to Master and must be shaven at all times.
3. I'm not allowed to wear pants in Master's presence unless I ask and am given permission.
4. Upon entry to Master's house, I am to immediately strip naked and put on the outfit he has laid out for me (if any) and put on my cuffs and collar.
5. I must ask permission before I orgasm.
6. I must keep my legs open at all times, and knees spread apart when I am kneeling.

The penalties for infractions of the corresponding rules are as follow:
1. I will receive a slap on my face. If I continue to slip-up, Master will resort to humiliation tactics.
2. I will be bound and have the hairs forcibly removed by tweezer.
3-6. Will resort in serious, currently unnamed consequences.

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