Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Adventures in Swallowing

Master gave me the assignment of overcoming my gag reflex. With some research, he discovered that by locating the trigger point of the gag reflex on one's tongue, and brushing that point--side to side--one can move the trigger point back. By brushing further and further back over time, one can significantly diminish the gag reflex.

I did this yesterday and today, but because I'm impatient and want quick results, I tried to find some better ways. After some follow-up research, it seems like this is actually the best way to naturally and safely do it; it is jsut annoying because it supposedly takes weeks to months to acheive. So, I am embarking on my journey of less gagging and better blowjobs...since all the porn in the world and advice from well-meaning girlfriends alone does not seem to be helping.

Aside from my awful gag reflex, I also need to work on coordination. I get that I should be playing with his balls, and milking and sucking, and using tongue...but when it gets down to it, I can't do it all at once in any coordinated manner, I can't get to the speeds that he likes and I'm so unattractively sloppy. I despise mediocrity and I feel like I've plateaued there, when I really need to be improving. :(

I think some people have fantasies about violating nice, innocent virgins...but it doesn't end up being so great, because we need a lot of work to train. I'm ever so thankful that master thinks I'm worth the time and effort to train.


navelgazes said...

Hi. *waves* I saw your post on the Living_D_s community in LiveJournal. Your blog is lovely and I've added it to my reading list.

I just wanted to comment and say that this working on the gag reflex is something that takes time. I've been with my owner for 3 years and it's gotten MUCH better -- I often don't gag; and when I feel like I am going to, I am often able to interrupt it. But I do understand the impatience, and I hope it will come easily to you!

Ditto on the coordination, though I am apparently a bit retarded about that. *laughs* I can do it well enough, but trying to change the rhythm or movement of my hands in the middle usually gets me all messed up.

Anyway, welcome to LJ, and good luck!

his_new_pet said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by. :)

It's good to know that yours has gotten better! Everytime I read up on blowjobs...I'm instructed to just to focus on the head of penis and not to try getting much deeper, using my hand to focus on the shaft. This drives me absolutely insane, because that's not what Master wants at all!

So, clearly, diminishing the gag reflex is the way to go. Thanks for the encouragement, lol.

I added you on LJ, hoepfully you will add me. I'd love to read more about you too.