Sunday, July 13, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

I am leaving the country tonight and still scrambling to pack and sort out my documents. I have no clue where I am living in August. I have a general itinerary for this trip, but I'm unclear on the specifics of what we're actually doing or even who is showing up to travel with me. Plans keep changing. Usually I'd be in a frenzy, but for some reason, I am not panicked by this chaos. I'm just going to show up in Europe and take things as they come.

I've been using this week to see people, especially friends that I won't otherwise see until Christmas. Those who I haven't seen in a long time tell me that I look so happy and relaxed these days. That's nice to hear; I am often happy but I never feel relaxed, let alone look it.

It's all because life is flowing perfectly right now.

It's a good feeling to know that I am owned woman, a collared slave. Of course, I'm a bit nervous about coming back, forgetting my training, slipping up, struggling to get back into the sub-mindset...but to tell you the truth, even though I think I'm going to need some reminders and discipline, I don't think anything can make me forget that I am Master's slave.

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