Monday, July 28, 2008


I have been having an amazing trip packed with lots of fun adventures but I miss Master so much that it makes my chest ache, and my stomach clench in the same way that I feel at the beginning of the drop on a large rollercoaster. These feelings are so foreign to me; moreso than of the places I am visiting, or the new people I am meeting. It's so frustrating to know I will not see him for another 5 weeks. :(


alyson said...

I hear you on it sucking big time to not be able to be with your master.

Is there anything you can do for him while gone that might make you feel more connected? I know my master has me do things like take pictures random places (lots of pictures of my breasts in the mirrors in toilets if I think it's safe, although there are clothed pictures too). I've found that little small requests are good because I feel more connected because I'm doing something for him.

his_new_pet said...

Hey Alyson,

Thanks for your thoughts, it always makes me feel better when there's someone who can relate.

I have a similiar assignment...take pics with my collar on at various places. I took a few topless pics too but for the most part, I've been travelling with people who keep asking me what my collar is and I don't want them to think I'm too sketchy. :p

However, on days where I am travelling alone, it is somewhat easier and I do feel more connected having tasks that I know are for him. We do text and talk too...but wow, it's still hard. :(

I really apreciate your advice, I hope you keep in touch! Look forward to following your journal too (when I have consistent internet access again. :)