Thursday, July 3, 2008


I saw Master for a couple of hours today. We went out for food, which involved a slew of little games in the restaurant: Master heating a fork over the candle and pressing it into my hand, startling me by blowing water at me through a straw when no one was looking, discreetly unbuttoning my blouse to expose my bra, sliding ice cubes down my shirt and under my skirt, between my thighs. I felt rather disheveled by the time we left.

At Master's place, he taped my hands together and secured them behind my head before unbuttoning my blouse, hiking my skirt up and pulling my breasts out of the cups of my bra. I stayed still as he wrapped the tape around my wrists, then between my wrists and then pulled it down over the back of my blouse and around my torso; I stayed still even though the tape caught massive chunks of my hair. However, when he pulled out the infamous plastic clothespegs, I couldn't help but flinch and back away. He grabbed my waist and jerked me toward him, then slapped me and warned me to never back away from him again.

I squeezed my eyes tight as he clamped the pegs over my nipples. The initial pain was sharp and seared through my torso for a few moments, before the pain dulled to a steady hum. I'm sure Master was aware of this drop in intensity, because as he pushed me onto the bed and proceeded to fuck me, he continued to clamp, unclamp, twist and reclamp the pegs. Each jolt of pain made me shake and cry out, but he said that despite the complaint, I got increasingly wet with every new, crisp bite. As he fucked me, my hips rose, eager to meet his cock but he told me to lie still and simply be in his fuckdoll.

We moved from the bed to the floor of his balcony, where he fucked me in the cool evening air and smothered my mouth to silence my moans. Then we moved back to the bed, where he finished, with my left ear gripped tightly in his teeth and his hands underneath my ass, pulling me closer to him.

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Anonymous said...

I read your words on your blog. I was smiling so much. I was very shocked when I realized through my smile there were tears. I remember times spent with my Master. Embrace and cherish those moments. They are precious.